Holiday Gift Guide

Our top picks for the best holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for family and friends from the editors and experts at Lifewire.

Please note: Prices are subject to change without notice during the holiday season.

Top Picks
Top Picks
XBox Series S
Want serious gaming bliss with access to more than 500 digital games (via GamePass)? You've got the obvious holiday win this year with the latest Xbox console. If you can only get one console this year, this is it.
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Top Picks
Ring Fit Adventure
Exercise will always suck but if you're looking for a way to make it suck as little as humanly possible, this fun accessory for the Nintendo Switch is the answer. These are tough to find; if you see one, grab it!
Pictionary Air
This high-tech take on the old game of charades is just the kind of silly my family likes. It works with smartphones using a little wand, an app, and your TV. Family game night has officially gone digital!
Stocking Stuffers
Smartphone Adhesive Card Sleeve
I haven't carried a wallet in years because of card sleeves like this one. Stick one to your phone, insert a couple of debit/credit cards, a driver's license and go. Everyone's getting these from me this year.
Apexel Phone 4-in-1 Camera Lens Kit
This 4-in-1 camera lens kit has the basics I need to grab some "better than cellphone" photos when I'm on the fly. It includes zoom telephoto, wide angle, macro, and fisheye lenses in a handy little case.
Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse
Know someone who prefers handwriting to typing? Give them a smart pen. Writing is captured in the app for digital editing later if you like; it comes with a notebook, charger, and extra tip. No! You can't have mine!
USB Extension Cable
We’ve all been there: the lightning cable doesn’t reach the iPhone, the microUSB doesn’t reach the PS4 controller on the couch or ... (insert your problem here). A USB extension cable solves those hassles instantly!
Samsung Galaxy Fit
Level up workouts with Samsung's sleek, powerful, little wrist mounted fitness tracker. It's lightweight, super accurate, and has the battery power to last through even the most rigorous, masochistic workout sesh.
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La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV Sensor
Jewelry that gives health advice? Sign me up. This battery-free, waterproof device measures exposure to UV, pollen, humidity, and more. The companion app makes appropriate recommendations. Adding to my list now!
Amazon Echo Flex
The Echo Flex works great in space-limited places by turning any outlet into an Alexa-powered smart home control hub and speaker. Why spend more when you can spend less and get portable smart features?
Computers & Tablets
Dell Super Ultra-Wide Monitor
Call me Captain! I feel like I'm on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise with this curved 49-inch monitor and its panoramic experience. The only downside is that my wife says I need to work more to pay this off.
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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
All new Surface Laptop Go With a sleek profile, vibrant touchscreen and all-day battery life, Surface Laptop Go turns any place into your workspace. Starting at $549.
Slide your laptop in here, then organize the important extras - cords, hard drives, power bricks, external batteries. Everything but the proverbial kitchen sink fits into this stylish beauty of a bag.
Seagate Backup Plus 5TB Portable Hard Drive
Like insurance, you don't need a backup until you need a backup. When you do, this portable HD is the best way to get it. My favorite part? The software takes the guesswork out of backing up your system.
Kindle Paperwhite
I love words on paper but sometimes an instant book download to curl up with beside the fire is exactly the right fit. This light, thin e-reader is waterproof, glare-free and has an extra long-lasting battery.
Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse
At a computer all day and need an ergonomic power house (power mouse?). Programmable buttons make the work move really fast (try setting the thumb roller to scroll through tabs to the right one.) Game changer!
Razer Blade 15
Gifting a gamer this year? You won't go wrong here. Billed as the world's smallest gaming laptop, this beast offers an unparalleled portable gaming experience (with a little work or school on the side, too.)
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HP V28 4K UHD Monitor
Small laptop screen? Connect it to this big, beautiful, and versatile 4K UHD monitor for blur- and lag-free entertainment. Merry holiday to me! (Hope my family takes the hint!)
Jitterbug Flip
Large buttons that are easy to hit and giant numbers on the screen that are easy to see in a retro flip style Dad can slip into his shirt pocket? Yeah, I'm scoring big brownie points this year.
Phonesoap UV Phone Sanitizer
Once impossible to find, these must-have germkilling gadgets are back in stock at most retailers. Help loved ones kill the invisible bugs that regularly collect on a phone each day to stay healthier this year.
Otterbox Symmetry Case
Drop your phone a lot? (Raises hand.) Prevent cracked screens and body dents with a Symmetry Case, which is durable yet slim and cool. Lots of color choices and versions for Apple, Google, and Samsung phones.
OnePlus 8 Pro
The OnePlus 8 Pro is a stylish phone with a powerhouse processor and high refresh display. It works great for gaming, multitasking, and photography plus the brand is well-regarded, even if you've never heard of it.
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ArmorSuit MilitarySheild Screen Protector
My smartphone has taken some blows, but this screen protector has been vigilant through it all. No scratches, no cracks, and best of all, I can use my stylus with it. Oh, and it absolutely does not bubble up!
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
One of the coolest devices of its kind, the Z Fold2 flips out into a larger tablet to browse, watch Netflix on a big screen, or multitask with ease. It's futuristic 5G tricks make folding phones the real deal.
Smart Life
iRobot Roomba E5
You don’t want to sweep the floor, they don’t want to sweep the floor. Get a Roomba, program it with Alexa, and let it do it’s thing. Then everyone’s happy! This one works on carpets and pet allergens, too.
Logitech Harmony Elite
This clever gadget is a smart home geek's dream. It controls up to 15 of your smart home devices (including TV), pairs with other smart hubs, and automatically powers on to switch devices to the right settings.
Google Nest Hub
Need a smart hub for all your devices? The Nest Hub is a great combo device capable of filling several roles that's somehow cheaper than most competitors. We always like cheaper when it works as brilliantly as this.
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Switchbot Bot
Can't make something smart because it needs someone to actually push a button? Get a Switchbot Bot. Attach it to (almost) anything that uses a rocker switch or button and voila! You've got voice control!
No more dead spots or buffering problems, and you can control it (plus manage kid profiles) with Alexa or Apple Homekit. I'm telling you: This baddie is so good I almost forgot I had one. In the best possible way!
Lenovo Smart Clock
I'm asking for this adorable little smart clock from Lenovo this year. It'll let you set alarms and control your smart home from bed, and it looks super cute as a clock on the night stand. Yeah, I said cute.
Philips Hue White and Color LED Smart Button Starter Kit
Smart home newbies will love this kit designed to smarten up any home. It even includes bulbs and switches to control and synchronize lights to music, TV, and games for immersive effects. Even Alexa says 'Buy this!'
Ring Video Doorbell
We use this more than I thought we would. It has a great field of view and the video notifications to my phone show who is at my house. Plus I can change the chime on it from time to time to keep the dogs confused.
Tech Toys
Brookstone Power Reach Retract
It's not a gift guide without something from Brookstone in it, is it? My not-so-secret geek wish is for this retractable plug that lets me go anywhere in the house and still reach a plug in.
Hot Wheels iD
Who says Hot Wheels are just for kids? I'll admit it: I want this kit now! The smart track and app kick it up a notch to log racing stats, play tons of games, and see how you stack up against friends. Vroom, vroom!
Sphero Mini Robot
This Bluetooth robot ball can be controlled via an app in three different modes for a variety of challenges. You can also play games and learn programming with it. Who doesn't want to play with Sphero? Including me!
Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone
This mini flyer is as cheap and portable as it is delightful. It's the perfect choice for beginners looking to dip a toe into the morally ambiguous world of unmanned aerial vehicles and surveilance.
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Lego Mindstorms EV3 31313 Robot Kit
Man, this is one expensive gift but the look on a kid's face would be priceless, wouldn't it? This Lego robot can walk, talk, play games and complete tasks. Hey, if it can clean my son's room, I'm in.
Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition (aka Baby Yoda)
Come on: Who doesn't love Baby Yoda? Anyone would love this smart take on the icon, especially when it giggles. It even pretends to take Force Naps! You had me at nap, Yoda.
Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp
This modern take on the lava lamp concept makes for a grown-up tech toy that will hynotically soothe your senses and make the day seem a little less nuts. I want this for my own desk (but my kids will hijack it.)
Power Up 3.0 Paper Airplane Adapter
Finally! This gadget attaches to any paper airplane you can create, then lets you pilot it via your smartphone. Launch sneak dive-bomb attacks on your snoozing cat and let the games begin!
SCUF Infinity4PS Pro Controller
Paddles on the back, adjustable triggers, interchangable thumbsticks, and you can choose the design? YES. Hardcore gamers like me appreciate the ergonomics, too; once you go SCUF you'll never go standard again.
Total War: Three Kingdoms
War games don't get better than this dynamic, romantic Chinese epoch that demands diplomatic poise, grand strategic vision, and the unbending will of the god-emperor to steer your faction to ultimate victory.
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Oculus Quest 2
Live your best virtual life completely free of wires and sensors. The Quest 2 offers updated resolution and refresh rates for incredible virtual experiences at a fantastic entry point for those interested in VR.
Astro A40 TR Headset
Trash talking your buddies never sounded so good. Lightweight, mod kit ready, and distinct clarity plus personalization options. Even pro gramers say they want this headset. Go forth and frag, young player!
Logitech G903 Lightspeed
This wireless, ambidexterous gaming mouse rightfully earns its 'Lightspeed' moniker with excellent responsiveness, wireless connectivity, RGB lighting, and programmable buttons. Spendy but totally worth every penny.
PlayStation 5
This has amazing games, shorter load times, SSDs, and a controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Add in a PS5 design so unlike previous PlayStations, and you can’t help but stare at it. With love.
Nintendo Game & Watch
Nintendo '80s retro styling, the OG Super Mario Bros. game and a digital clock that has 35 different screen-saver scenes with Mario and the clock? Grab one fast; this will be gone before you can say "Wa-hoo!"
K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
This tough CORSAIR aluminum frame keyboard has cool backlighting, playback complex micros, and lightning playback capability. My kids all have this one at the top of their wish lists this year. I can see why!
Home Entertainment
Vizio SB36512-F6 5.1 Soundbar
Can't go all in on a surround sound setup? Soundbars are the next best option. This one from Vizio is easy to set up, doesn't take up a ton of space, and spares you from using TV speakers. Down with TV speakers!
Sennheiser RS 175 Wireless Headphones
These awesome wireless headphones are perfect for tuning out the world around you. Investing in a pair of these top notch cans from Sennheiser are sure to win you roommate of the year even from the snootiest cat.
Silver Ticket STR-169100 Projector Screen
Go from flat screen to silver screen without leaving your living room. This Silver Ticket model works like much more expensive alternatives, but doesn't need a second mortgage to afford it. Where's the popcorn?!
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Roku Ultra
Know a wannabe cord-cutter? For the hands-down simplest streaming experience, get them the Roku Ultra like I have. They can ditch cable and start streaming the same day, it's that easy!
Quick Snap Back Lit LED Movie Poster Frame
This backlit movie poster frame will make any home theater the absolute coolest place to hang out. Easily switch out posters for the latest coming attraction to be featured at your home theater. Godzilla, anyone?
Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Record Player
Into vinyl? Me, too. This budget-friendly 21st century record player is portable enough to take anywhere or stow easily. You can even skip the vinyl to use smartphone audio through the Bluetooth speakers.
4K ULED Hisense Android Smart TV
Tight budget? The H8G Quantum Series is an all-round performing smart TV with built-in Android TV, a huge app selection, and a killer contrast ratio for impressive picture quality. It's high on my list this year!
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