Holiday Gift Guide

Our top picks for the best holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for family and friends from the editors and experts at Lifewire.

Please note: Prices are subject to change without notice during the holiday season.

Top Picks
Top Picks
Samsung Z Flip3

I love my Note 9 but I sure wish someone would gift me with the new Z Flip3. It not only looks cool, but I'd finally have a phone that fit into my jean pocket without falling out. Plus: 5G. Santa??

Top Picks
Nintendo Switch OLED

The Switch is our family’s go-to console. My son and I can play fun games at home but easily pack it up to entertain ourselves on long holiday road trips. The screen? Amazing! A gotta-have this year.

Top Picks
Roku Express

Roku continues to be the streaming device I gift to would-be cord-cutters. Easy enough for my parents to figure out, cheap enough for my budget, and tons of content to start watching right now.

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Top Picks
Apple AirTag

When I inevitably lose my car keys, I’ll be happy an AirTag is attached to them. Finding it via Apple Maps is nice, but its “You’re this far away” feature is what sold me on it. And it’s only $30.

Stocking Stuffers
AirPods 3

You've seen AirPods everywhere and for good reason. They are light, sound great, and, thanks to their charging case, are always charged and ready to rock with you. 'Scuse me while I turn on some tunes.

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Apple Pencil 2

Can’t find a pencil when you need one? If you use a recent iPad, get the Apple Pencil 2. It's the perfect companion and, because it's magnetic, it'll always be attached to your iPad and fully charged.

Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight Plus

I got tired of handing all my money to Jeff Bezos so I went with a GlowLight Plus. It's a great e-ink e-reader with a fantastic light, tons of storage, and even the ability to check out library books!

IVY Mini Photo Printer

Digital photos are great but I love to print them out to share sometimes. This tiny portable printer gives me instant 2x3" photos without needing any ink. You know you need this but does Santa know?

Apple Watch Series 7

Sure hope this falls out of my stocking! With sensors to track your body's movement and a brighter screen than ever, this is the one watch and health tracker to strap to your wrist.

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Phones & Accessories
Apple Wallet

This new version of the wallet will of course store your cards, but it'll also show you where you last left it. Finally, a wallet that finds itself. Now if I could just find my glasses ...

Magnetic Car Vent Mount with MagSafe

Anyone with an iPhone 12 or later should add this car mount to their list. The phone’s back magnetically attaches to the mount, which clips onto the car vent. Easy, functional tech at its finest.

Anker PowerPort Atom III

There's nothing worse than a phone not being charged up when you're ready to go. I love this charger because it moves like lightning so I can get on my way. A USB-C cable will make it even faster.

PopGrip for MagSafe

Don’t laugh! A PopGrip is the best thing to happen to small electronics! And this handy little device connects to your iPhone using the MagSafe capability, which means you can use it… or not.

Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad

I still use the pack-in cable to charge my iPhone, so I’m beyond ready to go wireless. I’m wishing for this charging pad ‘cuz it can charge through cases, and it looks so soft. Don’t judge me.

Phone Camera Lens Kit

Know a would-be photographer? This lens kit has nine different lenses they can use on their smartphone. Once they open this, they can be the 2021 holiday photographer while you sit back and relax.

Computers & Tablets
iPad mini (2021)

The iPad mini (2021) isn't just mighty small. It's small AND mighty. Boasting the current Apple-based processor, it's as fast as many laptops. Plus it's cute. Who doesn’t need cute in their life?

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Google Nest Hub

This smart speaker is smarter than some computers I've owned. Use it for answers, recipes, music, displaying photos, & more; it packs a lotta bang for your buck. Don't tell my Echo but I want a Nest.

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ASUS ZenScreen 15.6" Portable Touch Monitor

We can’t always take our fancy, curved monitors with us, but this ASUS ZenScreen is a nice stand-in for when a smartphone screen isn’t big enough, or you just need additional screen space.

24" iMac

The new M1 iMac is a dream machine that will keep me working for years! I’d love to have this powerhouse computer for editing, videos, photos, and so much more. (The blue one, if hubby is listening!)

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MacBook Air, M1 chip

Apple's newest MacBook Air is a great gift for anyone in need of a machine capable of powering through daily tasks. I love mine for its slim profile, lightweight form, and lengthy battery life.

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Home Entertainment
Sonos Arc

No more "What did they say?" You'll hear dialogue, you'll hear background sounds, and feel the explosions. You'll thank us when your favorite snuggly buddy edges closer during any scary scene.

White & Color Smart Lights

I love watching TV without lights bouncing off the screen. These Philips Hue Play lights, (designed for home entertainment systems), let me have a little light without ruining my TV experience.

Apple TV 4K

The Apple fan in your life will love this streaming device for its simplicity and clean aesthetic. And they can watch their favorite content in 4K resolution—perfect for cozy nights in with you.

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Color Changing LED Chair

A chair with color-changing lights in it? Yes, please! It’s inflatable (which means comfortable) and it will be cool while I’m watching movies, playing videos games, or just reading a great book.

Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones

Hands down, listening to music on these M&D headphones has given me more unadulterated joy that should be allowed - and they're proved to be pretty good for Zoom meetings as well.

Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker System

I spend a lot of time playing games on my PC, and these Logitech speakers will not only improve the audio experience, but its LEDs will also adjust to match what’s happening in-game. Talk about fancy.

Save the Planet
Eco-Friendly Spotlight Case for iPhone 13 Pro

This case was created with Apple's newest phone in mind, and is partly made from recycled plastic. I like the Lavender color, and the triangle design adds a fun twist!

Jackery Solar Generator

We have hurricanes in the South. This Jackery generator is what we need to keep a small fridge going and charge our devices to stave off boredom when the power goes out. And it’s solar, so Sun Power!

Charge Comfort e-Bike

I love riding my Charge e-bike around town, grabbing groceries, heading to the coffee shop, meeting friends. It's a super eco-friendly way to travel, and the electric motor makes it super easy.

Nesta Earbuds

These earbuds made from sustainable materials look almost like little jewels in your ear. If you're gifting someone who likes to focus on music instead of the external noise, this is the gift to get.

Hyperboom Speaker

If you're going to listen to music, do it right. This one lets me rock out for 24 hours on a rechargeable battery to different music services plus is made of post-consumer recycle plastics. Sweet!

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Etip Gloves

When it's cold out there but you still need to text, these are the gloves to have. Partially made from recycled polyester, these are touchscreen compatible must-haves for loved ones this winter.

Solar Powered Pathway Lights

I sometimes forget to turn on my porch light when walking the dog at night but these pathway lights easily fix the issue. Plus, they support the “set it and forget it” design I’m a sucker for.

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